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The lesson: Love others and they can't help but to love you! The Talmud teaches that "there is no free lunch." Anything of value comes with a price tag, and if something is given away free, we should suspect that it may be worthless.

People are reluctant to accept some things as true.

He was paid for the two movies of the week and replaced by Lou Ferrigno.

He was happy this happened because he only had sight in one eye and the full contact lenses were bothering him.

Goddard was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I don’t know if this is a comprehensive list, but it’s a good start: For beginners, perhaps the best educational program in Jerusalem is "Essentials" run by Aish Ha Torah. Nevertheless, anyone is welcome to drop in and take a class.

Owing to his popularity with the female audience, on occasion Goddard has modelled on another CBS Daytime television series, The Price Is Right.

Likewise, if we seek spiritual goals that will come easily to us without any effort or deprivation on our part, we will achieve goals that are worth nothing.

The Talmud uses the example of free medical care to teach us that for things that are truly important, such as our health, we must be willing to bear the cost.

He had nearly completed a degree in finance, but he transferred to the Ensemble Actors Studio without finishing the degree.

After several theatrical appearances, Goddard landed his first television role in the Australian soap opera Home and Away, as Eric Phillips.

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Along the way, the butcher took out his sharp knife and wanted to kill the Rabbi.

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