Are jennie garth and luke perry dating

), in real life the stars have all gone on to have their own relationships, marriages, and babies.

It was my favorite show and it legitimately taught me so much about friends and relationships.Seems to be the biggest one and that, you know, people don't ever consider how old I was when some of the crazier stuff happened, which by today's standards is incredibly tame.And they don't consider that, you know, I have grown up and that there is a softer more vulnerable side or they don't consider what was behind some of the antics when I was very young.Then, in May 2007, Spelling and Mc Dermott said "I do." They've since had four children and are currently battling through Mc Dermott's latest cheating scandal.It's all being documented on their reality show days.

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So, I couldn't believe it when Shannen was asked THE question that has been on my mind ever since this scene shattered the relationship between Brenda, Kelly and Dylan forever: [#iframe: CSIRYUE](420x315)The question was . .whose side did you understand more, Brenda or Kelly's? And it wasn't because Brenda was losing Dylan.

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