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A situation in which concentration of volume might be possible would involve two hospitals located across the street from one another.In such a case, one of the hospitals could be closed and its volume shifted to the other.Another frequently touted rationale for merger is access to capital. When the arguments are made for the deal, attention is invariably directed to the total asset base of the acquiring organization.Missing is the simple arithmetic necessary to determine what capital might realistically be available to an acquired or merged organization.Another argument for mergers has been savings associated with consolidating administrative functions.These opportunities do indeed exist, but it's important to recognize that administrative overhead averages about 15 percent of total operating expenses for a hospital, so the opportunity for savings is limited to some percentage of 15 percent.

And such direct expenses don't include the difficult-to-define but considerable costs of opportunities forgone. Failure can occur during the efforts to consummate the merger or after the deal is signed.

Quietly but pervasively, a shift toward new structures, not based on consolidation of assets, is occurring.

Major efforts are under way among providers in several states, including Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

There are numerous examples of hospital mergers that have blown up on the runway.

Of even greater concern are the costs of mergers that fail after they are closed, then end in dissolution.

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