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You deserve more, so much more, and I pray you know how deeply you are loved.

I can’t say much about my history with this subject, but I understand what you are going through and I promise it won’t be easy to cut ties, but I also promise you’ll never regret it.

The first after-series comics deal with Sabrina's pregnancy and birth.

His announcement said the final strip won't be last, but subsequent stories will be on a "when the mood strikes" basis, rather than monthly updates to the comic.The tone is gently restrained, with an uncomfortable heroine growing used to her new job—and an eventual love interest—while her friends around her (including her living toys!) have their own personal adventures in life and love.For yet another friend, her relationship seemed to change her personality—she didn’t like to dance or enjoy time with friends anymore.These relationships all turned out to be characterized by emotional abuse.

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