Dating violence troubled love

She was on her way to look at a place when Martinez called.Loiselle came up with some cover story, but when she got home, she said, his police car was parked in the driveway.That night, Loiselle said, Martinez got choked up and said he loved her and wanted to be with her so they could turn their lives “into something beautiful.” When her contract was up at the end of the summer, Loiselle found a new job and stayed in Delaware.

So when she learned that a Delaware hospital needed temporary nurses, she leapt at the chance to spend a summer by the beach.That surprised her, because she’d thought he was supposed to be at work. Before she could answer, she said, he made a comment about the very building she’d just visited. That was when she realized that leaving him might be harder than she’d anticipated.When she walked into the darkened kitchen, she said, she found Martinez standing there, his hands resting on his gun belt. When Loiselle discovered she was pregnant, in January 2012, she decided to try to make the relationship work.She thought it was sweet when he reached back through a crowd to take her hand. And as the summer went by, Loiselle began to feel like she could really trust him.One night over dinner, she talked about her family.

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