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Even more shocking was that, after complaining to Breggin himself through various emails and printed letters—I even sent one of them thru Fed Ex to make sure he would receive it—, he hided himself behind a wall of silence.You can imagine how vindicated I must have felt when, out of the blue, I got that Daniel email telling me that he admired my courage in exposing this scandalous situation in my book-review of Breggin’s. In July 10, 2006 I received a wonderful email from an unknown person telling me that he loved my critical book-review of Peter Breggin’s in Amazon Books. More than two years earlier the “Breggin affair” had left me extremely upset and disappointed, as explained below. In this post I will mention some of the reasons that moved me to part ways from Mackler and Dennis Rodie, another Alice Miller fan and critic.In his personal communications Mackler seemed to praise my courage somehow, but in his forum he labeled my autobiographical passion as “acting out.” How can a healthy speaking out be an unhealthy acting out, he did not explain.Moreover, Mackler seemed to contradict himself regarding the pivotal point in his essay on Miller.I am referring to his remarks on a phrase by Miller in the 1997 edition of where she called “hubris” further exploration of the self through autobiographical writing.

What by then I didn’t tell him is that after reading his Miller essay I felt uncomfortable.

Gradually, but unmistakably, every new thread and discussion in Dan’s forum revealed the gulf between two very distinct frames of mind.

Dan is such a gentleman that it may be worth mentioning that Dennis Rodie complains that Mackler refuses to confront abusive parents in his therapy office.

For all Miller's and de Mause’s readers this ought to be a no-brainer; and I am appalled by the fact that, with the exception of psychohistorian Robert Godwin, both Miller’s and de Mause’s fans are willfully ignorant of it.

Here I cannot discuss the work of Bruce Bawer, Robert Spencer, Oriana Fallaci and others.

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This contradiction turned out to be the tip of the iceberg of a massive difference between Mackler and me.

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