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This was a very sad decision as we had a great team and it was a lot of fun to work with them, but necessary to cut down the cost and focus on tech rather than operations.The rumours that Facebook would launch a new bot API at F8 became a fact for us and we wanted to be one of the first bots there.We got so many requests we soon knew that there is something so we started this idea properly with several student fashion experts and our own chat-software in September 2015.In October we had so many requests we had up to one week waiting time and we knew we would need a technical solution to scale our service.I got inspired by David Pichsenmeister’s review (sorry for stealing part of your title but it was just perfect!

The crazy part: only with a landing-page we got messages from major insurance carriers and insurtech VC’s.Only About You saw the potential immediately, the others were either technically not able to provide us an API for our chatbot or didn’t believe that bots would be “a big thing in the next 5 years”.The problem was, that About You did start to make changes on their existing API and therefore we needed to wait for the new API.We also started building an own app as we feared not to have any channel.We won Paypal as partner but because of the Whats App trouble we soon changed our business model and therefore never could profit from the partnership (but I have great ideas for something in the future together with them 😍).

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