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In this research,the researcher with the help of methodologies of research adopted she got to know problems that are in our laws like the lack of provisions about the dissolution of companies and this leaves a question mark on which law the court based its decision that ordered the dissolution of Rwandatel Ltd.Finally following observations made by the researcher,certain recommendations including how the Rwandan legislator should review the Rwandan company law to adopt provision relating to the dissolution of companies in order to remove a gap which is in Rwandan laws.In this research, Iused different techniques such as documentary technique where legal texts, books, dissertations and online sources will be consulted.

Comparative methodenabled me making a comparison with other countries commercial jurisdictions(Kenya) and Canada to see differences and similarities.

My wholly heartfelt goes to my family and friends who showed me total support during and over this period that I was doing my research. NUMUKOBWA Ernestine Art : article BCBS : Basel Committee for Banking Supervision CAPEX: Capital Expenditure CEO : Chief Executive Officer CIC : Community Interest Companies CIO : Charitable Incorporated Organizations Gov : Government of Rwanda GSM : Global System for Mobile communications Ibid : NBR : National Bank of Rwanda No : number RURA: Rwanda Utilities and Regulation Authority RWF: Rwandan Francs Qo S: Quality of Sevices ORG: Office of the Registrar General RDB: Rwanda Development Board OG: Official Gazette OL: Organic Law Op.

cit: 57 ABSTRACT The University of Rwanda as other universities at the end of the fourth year students have to submit a complete research on topic of their choice, where they give contribution to the society by applying their knowledge to finding a solution to a given phenomena in the society.

The last reason is the dissolution not depending on the will of entities which includes meeting the goal for which the company was established.

This last reason is used in practice only exceptionally as the vast majority of companies are established for an indefinite period of time.

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