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In 1950, 400KV electrical power transformer was introduced in high voltage electrical power system.

In early 1970s, unit rating as large as 1100 MVA was produced and 800KV and even higher KV class transformers were made in year of 1980.

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A transformer is really a static machine used for transforming power from one circuit to another one without changing frequency.

Varieties of Transformer Transformers can be categorized in a different way, depending on their purpose, use, construction etc.

The sorts of transformer are the following, Boost Transformer and Step Down Transformer – Generally used for stepping down and up the voltage degree of power in transmission and distribution power system network.

Later the transformer design was improved leading to more efficiency and lesser size.

As there is no rotating or moving part so transformer is a static device. Transformer works around the principle of mutual induction.

Again one particular unit three phase transformer is a lot more cost-effective compared to a bank of three 500kv power transformer in a three phase system.

But an individual three phase transformer unit is a little hard to transport and have to be pulled from service entirely if among the phase winding stops working.

Electrical Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer and Instrument Transformer – Power transformers are often utilized in transmission network for stepping up or down the voltage level.

It operates mainly during high or peak loads and has maximum efficiency at or near full load.

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Three Phase Transformer and Single Phase Transformer – Former is generally found in three phase power system as it is economical than later.

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