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As a survivor of chronic, violent sexual abuse, I found Rabbi Friedman's statements ill informed, insensitive and deeply offensive, shunting the formidable struggles of survivors of such deeply damaging crimes.

Since first opening up about the abuse I experienced, I have reached out to many different rabbis longing for support and guidance in dealing with the haunting repercussions of being systematically abused and molested from the ages of 6 to 10.

He compared molestation to diarrhea -- a trivial "embarrassment." Instead of offering hope and reassurance to survivors that they are nonetheless worthwhile and capable, Rabbi Friedman trivializes the extremely difficult challenges faced by survivors and the exacting effects of sexual abuse, ultimately castigating those struggling as embarrassing, defective derelicts.

Additionally, my answer, as written, is misleading.

It is obvious, I thought, that any neighbor of the Jewish people should be treated, as the Torah commands us, with respect and compassion.

Fundamental to the Jewish faith is the concept that every human being was created in the image of G-d, and our sages instruct us to support the non-Jewish poor along with the poor of our own brethren.

The sub-question I chose to address instead is: how should we act in time of war, when our neighbors attack us, using their women, children and religious holy places as shields.

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For it is, in truth, an answer to a different question.

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