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I haven't completed your movie and I already have a big crush on you... His name is Ji Chang Wook I love u sjk but I can't resist loving him more because he deserves it too When I first saw Soong Jong Ki in the movie Descendants of the Sun i was like.. sarang heyo OPPA words cant even begin to describe..i literally almost fell in love with you...i almost flew to korea just to see you..goodness your role in innocent man as kang maroo is unforgettable..are just so damn charming.handsome,cute and beautiful..i love your looks complimented by your you song joong were also good in DOTSbut as for me i fell for you in innocent man...waiting for more of your dramas..up the good work,,,and the good looks I can't move on with the DOTS specially the Song Song Couple. Specially on the character you portrayed in DOTS and the nice guy (innocent man). You're really a great actor, elite in your own craft. For me, DOTS wouldn't be as successful as it is if you're not the one who portray Yo Shi- Ji because your looks plus the guts you added on it makes you more adorable and the story exciting.

Network Channel A Episodes 16 Release Date August 18, 2012 - October 7, 2012. The couple who charmed audiences on We Got Married Global Edition had one more episode together. Lee Hong Ki and Fujii Mina filmed the last episode of their married life for We Got Married Global Edition, according to Sports World. Shes had small parts in various dramas, and is perhaps best. Rumors Of Lee Hong Ki Dating An Actress Are Quickly Denied By FNC. Hongmina reunion tonight3 hongmina leehongki fujiimina. In the revealed photo, Hong Ki and Fujii Mina can be seen posing. Mina Fujii is a 27-year-old Japanese actress who is currently the. Fact that theyre still arguing over where to datehoneymoon and such just too cute ). in my opinions its Fujii Mina from GWGM, because it was shot almost at the same moment and for me it looks that they had something more. while FTISLANDs Lee Hong Ki married Japanese actress Mina Fujii.

Kim So-Yeon - Pan Da-Yang (young) Mina Fujii - Mina (cameo) Nam. scandal broke, i came and saw Hongki Fujii Mina forum is still active. Um, Fujii Mina is actually mixed - Japanese with white Caucasian (from. She started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of nine. Show Appearances And Takes Legal Action Against Ex-Boyfriend For Blackmail. in my opinions its Fujii Mina from GWGM, because it was shot almost at the same moment and for me it looks that they had something more. The Moon Hee Jun-Fujii Mina and Taemin-Narsha couples went wild with their skinship on strongi Soulmates Returnsistrong. of the mysterious girl look or the Im tired of this date and want to go home. when previous cast members got involved in dating scandals amidst. FTISLANDs Lee Hong Ki Reunites with We Got Married Wife Fujii Mina.

In 2013, Fujii starred in the MBC reality show We Got Married Global alongside Lee Hongki.

In 2014, Fujii played the character of Oshikiri in Monsterz, the Japanese remake of the Korean film Haunters, and Mika Aota in the tokusatsu comedy film Joshi Zu.

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