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Receipt of support by text message allowed recipients to assimilate information at their own pace, and prompted reflection on and sharing of messages with friends, family members, and partners, thus providing opportunities for education and discussion.

For some recipients, the messages had increased their knowledge of how to correctly use condoms.

A semi-structured topic guide was followed to explore participant experiences and a thematic analysis was conducted.

We conducted 16 telephone interviews with participants who had received the text intervention and an additional four interviews with those in the control group (13 women and 7 men).

It uses an Apple i Phone’s video camera to make a 20-second recording of both partners agreeing to sex.

A breathy female British voice asks participants to state their name and to agree to sex.

They considered the frequency and timing of messages to be appropriate, and delivery via mobile phones convenient.

Mobile phone text messaging (short message service, SMS) interventions have the potential to reach large numbers of people at relatively low cost, but greater understanding is needed on how these interventions should be developed and how they work.

We undertook qualitative interviews with young people aged 16 to 24 years as part of a pilot trial of a sexual health intervention delivered by text message in the United Kingdom.

, said a September report from the Texas Education Agency found the number of cases against educators accused of inappropriate relationships with minor students increased 36 per cent this past year.

A whopping 302 investigations were opened into such matters this year alone.

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But while some health workers have backed so-called ‘sex contracts’, rape victims and student union leaders have condemned them as ‘evil’ and ‘dangerous’.

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