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“Yeah, there were definitely dates I just shouldn’t have gone on,” was a sentiment a lot of my New Yorker friends had.

Just a little bit of messaging back and forth can reveal that you had nothing in common and make you feel more sure that they’re not a serial killer. And there’s also something to be said for giving people another chance.

Being polite and not saying ‘no’ right away gives you time to get over awkward first impressions.

These normally come from nerves and aren’t always representative of who the person actually is.

tons of women in my feed are sharing the new yorker “Cat Person” story but not many men; which is unfortunate bc it’s like a secret window into a private experience our majority has suffered thru & if anyone needs to read that shit it’s men.

— Anya Jaremko-Greenwold (@Anya Jaremko) December 10, 2017 every single woman i've seen sharing this talks about how relatable it is, which is really fucking sad, but if you want to ~get it~, read this — Eleanor Gordon-Smith (@The Real EGS) December 9, 2017 It's am and I can't sleep because I'm still thinking about #Cat Person and how tons of women identify with it & have had experiences just like this or worse — but the men who read it, if they even do, will never ever think that maybe they are like this too — Martha Sorren (@marthasorren) December 11, 2017 I’m seeing so many takes about Cat Person that revolve around Margot being “selfish” and “vapid”.

But sometimes that no-nonsense New Yorker attitude makes it easier to be honest than British politeness does.

It ends with him sending her a string of abusive messages after seeing her with another man.A short story about dating has gone viral - and the varied reactions from men and women are just as revealing as the story itself.The story - called Cat Person - follows the courtship of a young 20-year-old woman, Margot, and a 34-year-old man named Robert, as they try to form a relationship of some sort built on nothing more than a shared interest in movies, art, jokes, and cats - some of the most poignant sections highlight experiences that are relatable to women when it comes to modern dating.) You'll know within three seconds of meeting them if you're interested...and sometimes immediately regret that month you spent messaging every day.

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