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This is a biting that establishes confluence with the mother.

The baby must actively hold on for nourishment and will often keep holding on even when mama has had enough.

Quite the contrary, the lion attacks because it loves the jackrabbit.

Like the lion, human beings have a distinct measure of innate aggression, and developmental psychologists often see this energy as first experienced through the infant’s desire to bite.

Psychologists call the original oral-aggressive act the “hanging-on bite” to the breast.

When these emotions are habitually withheld and left unexpressed, they may become “frozen” on the face as a perpetually clenched jaw or tightened musculature resembling a scowl.

Just as a dog clenches its teeth when angered or challenged, so too do human beings channel aggression through the face.

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What advertisers understand and capitalize on is that crunching and chewing are primal activities, inborn urges dating back to the first life-forms that ever “crunched” on each other.

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