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The story is told in the 2012 documentary An American Mosque. It is home to the Sutter Buttes, the smallest mountain range in the world.

Its metropolitan statistical area is part of the Greater Sacramento CSA.Spring is wet in the beginning but becomes drier and warmer as summer months approach.May has some rain, but usually from thunderstorms, not winter storms. The Delta Breeze, which comes from the Bay Area on summer nights, helps cool temperatures and adds humidity.One version of the origin of the name "Yuba" is that during one of these expeditions, wild grapes were seen growing by a river, and so it was named "Uba", a variant spelling of the Spanish word uva (grape).The Mexican government granted a large expanse of land which included the area in which Yuba City is situated to John Sutter, the same John Sutter upon whose land gold was subsequently discovered in 1848.

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